So Justin Trudeau won, what now?

As not all of you may know, Justin Trudeau won as Prime Minister over Stephen Harper last October 19, 2015 for the 42nd general election of Canada. Photo from

A young leader with passion and positivity just like his father, Pierre Trudeau, the 15th prime minister won a few weeks ago. Before entering politics, he acquired a background on literature, education, engineering and environmental geography. I guess, having a little bit of everything could be advantageous for him and for the nation.

However, what is the effect on my status considering I am just an international student living temporarily in the land of Eh?

2014 was a big year for me since I got a chance to hone my knowledge a bit more. I graduated with a bachelors in Information Systems, yet I thought there was something missing. To be here in Canada is a great opportunity but it was surely not in my mind 3 years ago. Year 2013 was when I encountered tremendous failure yet I did not see it as a blockage to attain my goal. I was empowered like a runner who’s eager to finish a race victorious.

Is studying abroad delaying my opportunity to work? I believe not. Analyzing the opportunity cost that I acquired would be 30,000 php approximately every month. So, that will be multiplied to 24 (2 years) and will yield 720,000 php. Basically, I lost a LOT; almost a million (php) I would say.  All factors weighed in though, will all come up to a priceless experience. To study, to learn, to meet new people, to converse daily in a different language, to grasp not only a culture but CULTURES are one of the things that I would brag about. To be immensely involved in a different tradition while distinguishing the differences of yours to theirs, the bittersweet of being embarrassed because you thought eating with spoon and fork is practiced worldwide, is remarkable and one for the books.

Not long ago, I was able to witness how election and campaigns are here in Canada. In my home country, the Philippines, everyone would know that there’s an election coming if you would see faces with their respective government positions on billboards, television commercials with catchy phrases and songs, construction and road projects together with a billboard of a politician who “initiated” the project. It seems like we have to give praise to these people who’s performing a job just like us, giving them the budget through tax to improve the country. With Toronto, I barely felt the election and campaigns until it was its last week. Months before, I would hear radio ads and that was it. Contrary to what is happening to the Philippines now, I saw websites with platforms, debates with content and billboards without faces.

Although I was not able to vote because of my status, I am pretty glad Justin Trudeau won. Canada, as being one of the countries with diversified community, needs a leader with different set of eyes for different situations and people. I am glad that he has a vision for people like me- an international student, a temporary resident.

We will make it easier for international students and other temporary residents to become Canadian citizens by restoring the residency time credit. We will also make changes to the Canadian Experience Class, to reduce the barriers to immigration imposed on international students.

For people who wanted to be a permanent resident and a citizen of Canada, this is good news. Click the link for the whole version of the plan.

Here are some of it:

  • Doubling the number of new applications allowed each year, for parents and grandparents, from 5,000 to 10,000.
  • Granting immediate permanent residency to new spouses entering Canada, rather than imposing a two-year conditional status that puts spouses – often women – in a position of extreme vulnerability.
  • We will restore the residency time credit for foreign students and other temporary residents applying to become Canadian citizens. We will make changes to the Canadian Experience Class to reduce the barriers to immigration that have been imposed on international students

If you want to know more about the other parts of his platform, go here.

We wish our new prime minister luck and all the patience and courage.



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