As I will randomly post about my new found information on world wars, I realized that what I have learned in school was nothing; not even a tip of the iceberg. Constantly, the world is evolving into a complex environment day by day yet historically, even the past seemed to be more complicated because of how chaotic the world was back then.

World War II started  because of greed of power.

Here is an excerpt from TIME Magazine dated Sept. 11, 1939.

The telephone in Franklin Roosevelt’s bedroom at the White House rang at 2:50 a. m. on the first day of September. In more ways than one it was a ghastly hour, but the operators knew they must ring. Ambassador Bill Bullitt was calling from Paris. He had just been called by Ambassador Tony Biddle in Warsaw. Mr. Bullitt told Mr. Roosevelt that World War II had begun. Adolf Hitler’s bombing planes were dropping death all over Poland.

Adolf Hitler, wanted to build his own German Empire, claiming territories of other countries.


1st Photo: A Nazi recruitment poster calling on German women to join the air defense. The German caption reads: “Aid Victory by joining the air defense information service.”

2nd Photo: A Nazi recruitment poster encourages young women to join the League of German Girls (Bund Deutscher Maedel).

If I would relate that to what is happening today, it’s the somewhat the same. There are bombings everywhere and I couldn’t keep up with  all the realities. However, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS)  is not new as they’ve been existing since 1999.

However last year, they started claiming the territory in Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. This January 2015, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India. Nigeria in March and North Caucasus (Russia) in June.

They wanted to claim territories and actualize their perceived religion to the world. With technology, extremists were able to recruit the same as how the Nazi regime did a long time ago.

Do not let history repeats itself. We are more smarter than this. I believe there’s no religion of killing people.

 This is all about greed of power, again.



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