Big Data

Big Data continues to evolve together with the artificial intelligence, data science and Internet of Things (IoT). In today’s world, it is very prominent that most popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, AirBnb and Twitter rely heavily on crowdsourcing, gathering the data from individuals that generate it online. The unstructured data gathered through texts, videos and photos, with the help of AI and machine learning, could be analyzed, help us in developing predictions about the future and help our decisions.

It supports different industries such as Health, Environment, Agriculture and Society. We could research and spot diseases in their early stages. It makes us smarter in some ways by optimizing certain processes like yielding crops for food. The models are derived from data, simulations are done, data points and its impact are tested until it finds a pattern — a cycle of automated process.

However, with all these advantages presented, there is also a growing concern with data privacy, security and data discrimination. By using each application, our digital footprints increase and the companies might have the right to own our data, as per the Terms and Conditions that we do not usually read. Even if we agree on sharing our information for a purpose, how do they make our data safe?

What is the future of big data if you can already do so many things today? It’s helpful to some extent but I wonder how complicated it will be?




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